Rick Mahorn Big Man
And Guard Camp

* March 13-15, 2020 | New York City, NY *

* May 29th - June 10th, 2020 | Israel *

* August 3-7, 2020 | Grand Rapids, MI *

"My 18-year NBA career was capped by a Championship as one of the Pistons' 'Bad Boys'. Using everything I learned from then until now, I will help you develop your own championship style play."
---Rick Mahorn

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RICK MAHORN earned a reputation during an 18-year NBA career as one of the toughest guys under the boards. This makes him one of the best teachers of the big man game around. The Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp is the premier big man skills camp for serious players. Rick's instruction to you during teaching scrimmages will help advance your understanding of the game and of how you can use your skills to best advantage - exactly like he did. In addition, mental conditioning sessions will strengthen your confidence, focus, and ability to constantly maintain an aggressive mindset enabling you to play at your best.


1. The Best Teacher:

RICK MAHORN brings 18 years of NBA experience and his legendary "Bad Boys" fame to work with you and will help you step up your game in THREE ways: (1) To better understand how to use your particular skill set to dominate inside - as he did, (2) To fortify your own inner "Bad Boy", and (3) to enlarge your skill set through systematic drills and scrimmages.

2. Putting what you learn to the test:

Perfecting drills is just the beginning. We all tend to revert to old habits. The ultimate goal of the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp is not just teaching you big man skills but providing you with the tools necessary to execute those skills when it counts - in actual game play. Scrimmages and games will help you test what you are learning and help insure that you leave the camp with an enhanced skill set!!!

3. Developing the total player:

Champions play with their body AND their mind. This is the only camp that features systematic mental coaching to help you develop the mental skills needed to put your physical talents forcefully and efficiently to use.

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