Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp
* July 17th-26th, 2017*
* Malaga, Spain *

Truly unique opportunity to be mentored by the Baddest of the NBA's
"Bad Boys"

The Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp is the premier big man camp for serious players. By coupling big man drills with scrimmages, under Rick's guidance you will test what you are learning in the crucible of competition. In addition, mental conditioning sessions will strengthen your confidence, focus, and ability to constantly maintain an aggressive mindset.

Ettore Messina, who joined the Spurs coaching staff after an acclaimed career in Europe, is a champion of the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp formula. "For most young big men, footwork and balance are one of the most important areas they need to improve. They all look elegant in their workout tapes, but in actual games you see how often they get off-balance and pushed around. Unless you are practicing your moves in real-life scrimmages you are wasting your efforts."


1. The best teacher: Rick Mahorn brings 18 years of NBA experience and his legendary "Bad Boys" fame to work with you and help you bolster your game in two important ways: (1) to better understand how to use the skills you have to dominate in the post - as he did - and (2) to expand your skill set through systematic drills.

2. Putting what you learn to the test: Perfecting drills is just the beginning. We all tend to revert to old habits. Scrimmages will help you test what you are learning. The ultimate goal of the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp is not just teaching you big man skills but providing you with the tools necessary to execute those skills when it counts - in actual game play.

3. Developing the total player: This is the most comprehensive teaching camp around. You play with your body AND your mind, so we help you develop the mental skills needed to use your physical assets efficiently and forcefully.

4. Preparing for a pro career: Players who are graduating in 2017 and looking to play at the next level will be helped to get ready for work-outs with teams, and we will help you network with European clubs and (if you wish) respected and reliable agents.

Camp Schedule