"Mitch Smith is passionately committed to helping athletes capitalize on their talents and reach their dreams. He has worked with several players in our basketball program. Their success can be traced, in part, to the direction and inspiration he has provided. He is committed to excellence and his integrity is the foundation of all that he does."

-Bob McKillop, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Davidson College, 2008 NCAA Coach of the Year, 2013 Head USA Men's Basketball Coach at World University Games, and College Coach of Stephen Curry.

"I highly recommend attending the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp if you want to take YOUR game to the next level. You can expect great attention to detail and tips on when and how to use the moves you will learn."

-Paul Miller, (Former Player, Slask Wroclaw Poland, Wichita State University Sports Hall of Fame

"Over the years I have learned how critical mental toughness is to the game of basketball. I worked with Dr. Mitch Smith last year in what turned out to be the most successful season of my career. Mitch is an expert on the mental side of the game and I recommend his services to anybody looking to bring improvements to their game."

- Patrick Manifold, Student-Athlete of the Year (2013) University of Maine Presque Isle

-"My brother Yogev (206 cm) and myself (217 cm) both attended the 2014 Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp and we both found it essential to ourselves as big men. Our daily practices at home are not always adapted to our size and role as big men. To have a former NBA player like Rick teach us from his great experience was a great opportunity, one that we were very lucky to have. The unique exercises and moves that he taught us were very helpful and we continue to practice them during our training throughout the year and they definitely helped us to improve our game. In addition, we received many great cognitive tools from Mitch Smith that have proven so useful in helping us to overcome the mental obstacles which we have had in practices and in games. Both of us have found that our coaches do not typically pay attention to the special needs of the big man - they know we are different from other players and that we need to be coached differently, but not every coach knows how to train big men successfully. We found the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp to be very focused for tall players and we got things that we haven't found anywhere else."

-Orel Levy, Israel Basketball Academy

-"The Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp was an amazing experience for me. Working with Rick was such a great opportunity. He really cared so much about all the players in the camp and wanted to help each of us to become a better player. It truly felt like a father-son relationship. I benefitted so much from this, and also from having Mitch Smith helping us with the mental game. He helped me to understand how to better prepare for a game and to understand how to stay confident. I highly recommend this camp to any player who wants to play in the USA, or any professional player who wants to take his game to a higher level. You will work with one of the best post players in NBA history as well as an excellent sport psychologist who has worked with hundreds of big man in the USA and Europe. This is truly a camp that will make a difference in your game and your career. It helped me prepare for the 2014-15 season and enabled me to play my best basketball."

-Almir Hadzisehovic, Serbia, University of Alaska at Ranked 15th in NCAA Divison 2 in Field Goal Percentage (60.8%) in 2015, All GNAC Honorable Mention Selection in 2015 & 2016, Team selected as the Division 2 Men's Basketball Break-out team of the 2015-16 season with 22-8 record (13 games in double digits, including 3 games with 20 or more points)

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