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We will prepare you to play your best in real game situations when the pressure is on.


All of our coaches have made their mark in the NBA or Top European Leagues


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Basketball Camp

Many players are content to work with an individual coach. This can be useful but isn’t enough! Here is what San Antonio Spurs Assistant Coach Ettore Messina, one of Europe’s most respected coaches, recently said about what we do at the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp

“For most young big men footwork and balance are one of the most important areas they need to improve. You see in games how often they get off-balance and pushed around on the court.”

“You can see a huge difference between watching workouts with no defense (1-on-0) where a player looks very smooth and elegant … and then you see them in a game and it’s totally different. When they have to go up against an actual defender they struggle – they can’t find their balance and all their techniques are wasted.”

“You MUST be working on your footwork and balance by playing through contact against a real-life opponent. THIS IS CRITICAL.” The ultimate goal of the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp is not as much about teaching you big man skills as it is to provide you with ALL THE TOOLS NECESSARY TO EXECUTE THE SKILLS WHEN IT COUNTS, IN ACTUAL GAME PLAY.

Praise for the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp

“Most young big men are rather lacking when it comes to proper footwork and balance. Every player can look great in their own workout videos, but when we see them in actual games you can see how easily they are pushed around and not properly balanced to make winning moves. The Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp absolutely goes about it the right way – drilling you repeatedly in games and helping you learn exactly what you need to know to be an impact player. Unless you are receiving continual feedback under these circumstances and being mentored to put that feedback to use, you are wasting your efforts. If you are serious about your career, the Rick Mahorn Camp is probably one of the best investments you can make!”

Ettore Messina, San Antonio Spurs (Assistant Coach, Four-time EuroLeague Champion)

“As a sport psychologist and teacher, Mitch Smith is passionately committed to helping athletes capitalize on their talents. He has worked with several players in our basketball program. Their success can be traced, in part, to the direction and inspiration he has provided. He is committed to excellence and his integrity is the foundation of all that he does.”

Bob McKillop, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Davidson College, 2008 NCAA Coach of the Year, 2013 Head USA Men’s Basketball Coach at World University Games, and College Coach of Stephen Curry.

“I was first introduced to the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp at the beginning of my college basketball career. As a walk-on with no experience I lacked confidence on the court, and this camp helped me slow down the game through tactical thinking in the post as well as visualizing my game in my head before hand. If I’m struggling in a game I rehearse some of the mental strategies I acquired from the camp to help me relax, and get my confidence turned around. This camp gives you so many advantages to the mental side of basketball I highly recommend this camp to anybody at any stage of their career.”

Jon Hart, (Former Professional Basketball Player for the Nassau Pride)

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Ryan Smith (Tulane University Alumni)

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