Our coaching staff will review your game film with you online and offer critiques and suggestions to help you become a more confident and consistent competitor. Contact us for details including discounts!


Like most of us, the pandemic caused us to find new ways to work with players and help continue to master their craft despite the limitations currently imposed upon us. So we came up with ONLINE COACHING, where we view your game film together with you and break it down together with you play by play so you can see how to build on your strengths to give you greater advantage in the future as well as where you might have made mistakes or missed opportunities, whether on offense of defense.

Guys who have taken part have found these sessions highly valuable, including seniors looking to close out their senior season in the best possible way and those already playing professionally or hoping to sign with a pro club in a few months.

One player we worked with emailed us back to say, “The session with you guys really helped me a lot. It reminded me about some things I need to work on and pointed out some things that I hadn’t been aware of. The addition of the mental coaching part was really awesome as well as the suggestions you guys gave me. I will check back with you later for a follow up session!”

Another said “My session was great, offering me a lot of new knowledge. You are given a whole new point of view on your game, and start to see a lot of little things that you have missed. The coaches pointed out a lot of options I could during the game and advised me as to how I could move better in many offensive situations. It’s definitely worth your time if you want to get better.”

Contact us at with any additional questions or to schedule a session.

First session: $125

Additional sessions: $95

Discounted rates available for past camp participants