Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp Coaches

Rick Mahorn

Big Man Skills Lead Coach

Rick Mahorn was a member of the legendary NBA Champions Detroit Pistons “Bad Boys.” An 18-year veteran of the NBA who also played two seasons in Italy, Rick is currently one-half of the Pistons’ radio broadcast team. You can check out Rick and the “Bad Boys” here.

“My goal is to get you to always be a student of the game. Hakeem was one of the most gifted post players, but guys like Kareem and Kevin McHale, once they developed a counter-move, became much harder to defend. You will leave the camp with a better understanding of the game, and of your game – that will help you become the best player you can be. Based on my many years as a player and coach, I would say, too, that the mental part of the game is holding too many players back today. Combine the mental component with the physical skills you have and you will become a much more complete player. This combination – the physical plus the mental – makes our camp truly one-of-a-kind.”

Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp Coaches

George Galiotos

Big Man Skills/ Player Development Coach

George returns for his third stint with the Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp. The 7-foot veteran of 12 years in the Greek Basketball League and a former member of the Greek National Team, holds a master’s degree in physical education and sport science, with special expertise in working with big men. As Rick notes: “George is a great teacher of the big man game with an exceptional eye to detail. He will correct your mistakes but still let you play your game.”

Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp

Mitch Smith

Mental Conditioning Coach

Dr. Mitch Smith has worked with hundreds of college and professional basketball players, coaches, and teams in both the U.S. and Europe helping them to develop the mental qualities to achieve greater competitive success. For the past ten years he served as Director of Sport Psychology Services at Florida Atlantic University.

The true value of a camp is if it can help you become a more dominating player in critical game situations. That is where the mental part comes in. For over 20 years I have helped players become mentally tougher so that they can:

1. Maintain consistent focus and fend off distractions of all sorts

2. Keep their confidence high during a game (or a season)’s ups and down

3. Keep anger from getting in the way, and use it to their advantage

4. Become more resilient and more aggressive by accepting setbacks as challenges and opportunities rather than defeats

Rick Mahorn Big Man Camp